We believe that skincare should be without compromises

Almost all IVY AÏA products are Allergy Certified. They are all perfume free and tested and approved by dermatologists.

We also care for animal welfare, so our IVY AÏA products are all vegan.

We aim to rework the perception that quality and price go together!

Natural vs chemical

People think that just because something is organic and natural, it must be good for our skin, but that is not necessarily true. Natural is good when we talk about food, but it is different when it comes to skincare.

Society has this belief, that since natural and organic is positive in the food scene, then we should draw the same conclusion when it comes to skincare products. Take essential oils. They are natural, but most are also allergenic. Organic and natural is not always equal good in skincare.

So, when you ask us why our products are not “natural” nor made from “organic” ingredients, it is because they are not always safe. Ensuring the safety of our products is one of our highest priorities. Which is why we only work with synthetic chemicals and the natural ingredients deemed safe by AllergyCertified.

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“The whole idea is less is more.
Skincare does not have to be complicated for it to work.”

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