IVY AÏA skincare

IVY AÏA was founded in 2017 with the belief that great skincare products with carefully selected ingredients should be safe to use and at an affordable price for all.

IVY AÏA philosophy

We believe that quality skincare should be effective and trustworthy
The brand is developed with the desire to create fragrance-free vegan products formulated with carefully selected ingredients that care for and take good care of your skin. IVY AÏA consists of everything you need to care for your face, lashes, eyebrows, and body with cleansing products, moisturizing care, masks, sera, tan drops, mists, and exfoliators.

We also care about the world
We take a big responsibility for you and the planet. Therefore, we use sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Up to 90% of our packaging is made from sustainable or recycled materials. Our recycled plastic comes from the food industry to ensure it is safe for you and your skin.

We aim to rework the perception that quality and price go hand in hand by offering skincare products that works, are safe to use, and without having to pay the premium price.

*Few products are not Allergy certified. Therefore, they do not have the AC logo on them.

IVY AïA products are all produced without any added perfume. Perfume in beauty products can be allergenic, and we do not believe that perfumes belong in skincare products. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that there is no perfume in some of IVY AïA’s products.

AllergyCertified is a Danish-based international certification, which carefully reviews the ingredients on the product’s ingredient lists and predicts allergy risk value. AllergyCertified guarantees minimal risk of allergy. IVY AÏA works closely with AllergyCertified in product development.

The vegan label is a guarantee that the products are produced without any animal ingredients. Just as we care for minimizing the risk of allergy, we also care about animal welfare. 

A dermatological test examines the skin’s tolerance to a product. A product is tested on at least 50 people and is considered safe to use if none have a negative reaction to the product. A dermatological test is not a guarantee that the product won’t cause a skin irritation on some – which is why IVY AÏA is also AllergyCertified.

The goal is that all IVY AÏA products to be in recycled plastic packaging. This process takes time, but we are in the process of changing the packaging, product by product.

Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals tests if there are any problematic chemicals in everyday products. There are three different rankings, where the A-rating criteria is the strictest. A-rating products are free from any problematic ingredients or concerns related to environmental impact and people. A-ratings are recommended by the Danish Consumer Council.