How to deal with dry skin

Dry skin can be sensitive, dull and feels “tight”. That’s not really a comfortable situation. Often you will have itchy and flaky skin, and you are then likely to experience that your makeup will build up and look lumpy. That’s not fun.

Skin is just like our wardrobes
If something that used to work just suddenly feels weird, a reevaluation is in order. Take your time to inspect your skincare routine closely. Your skin might be dry because it lacks moisture, and the lack of moisture results in skin loosing its elasticity and glow.

What you should do?
If you have dry skin, we recommend that you do not use cleansing products that are too harsh and dry to the skin. Typically, a dry skin type would prefer to use an oil-based cleanser to avoid rinsing with water, but if you are one of those who would like to rinse with water, it is recommended to be aware that the temperature of the water will not be too high. Hot water can be a bit drying for your skin.

We recommend all IVY AïA cleansing products if you have a dry skin type, as all products are very mild.
However, most people with a dry skin are fond of our Cleansing Oil as it needs to be massaged in circular movements on dry skin. Face yoga is never a bad idea anyway. It effectively dissolves makeup and dirt, and you remove it with a damp cotton pad, a washcloth or rinse off with water. Cleansing oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin and it contains almond oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.
Finish the routine by applying IVY AïA Face Mist and moisturize with IVY AïA Moisture face Cream and IVY AïA Eye Cream.