Hygiene & skincare products

Do you have challenges with impurities, or do you have sensitive skin? If yes, then you should be aware of how you use your skincare products and consider how you can be more careful with hygiene. When using open-packaging products, such as our IVY AïA Whipped Body Butter, be sure that you have clean fingers when using the product. Alternatively, you can use a spatula for use. We recommend this, so any unnecessary bacteria are not added. It is a conscious choice that most of the IVY AïA products are in tubes or pumps, as this is to ensure a more hygienic packaging and product experience. Also, the products are manufactured without parabens as preservatives, so the packaging also ensures a longer product-life.

Other tips for good hygiene:

  • Avoid sharing makeup brushes or makeup sponges with others
  • A good habit is to always wash your hands before applying your skincare products and this is extra important when using a jar product
  • Wash your brushes frequently, preferably once a week. Otherwise, a good tip is to spray disinfectant alcohol on them before use
  • Avoid sharing lip products, mascara and eyeliners with others
  • Change your pillowcase every week