Hygiene & skincare products

Hygiene & skincare products

Do you have challenges with impurities, or do you have sensitive skin? If yes, then you should be aware of how you use your skincare products and consider how you can be more careful with hygiene. When using open-packaging products, such as our IVY AïA Whipped Body Butter, be sure that you have clean fingers when using the product. Alternatively, you can use a spatula for use. We recommend this, so any unnecessary bacteria are not added. It is a conscious choice that most of the IVY AïA products are in tubes or pumps, as this is to ensure a more hygienic packaging and product experience. Also, the products are manufactured without parabens as preservatives, so the packaging also ensures a longer product-life.

Other tips for good hygiene:

  • Avoid sharing makeup brushes or makeup sponges with others
  • A good habit is to always wash your hands before applying your skincare products and this is extra important when using a jar product
  • Wash your brushes frequently, preferably once a week. Otherwise, a good tip is to spray disinfectant alcohol on them before use
  • Avoid sharing lip products, mascara and eyeliners with others
  • Change your pillowcase every week

Tips & Tricks from the office

Tips & Tricks from the office

At the office we love multifunctional products, and we love sharing tips and tricks for skincare rather than just keeping them secret. We have now put together all the great tips about IVY AïA and tell you how you also can use the products.

  • IVY AïA Cleansing Mousse is a functional product which, in addition to gentle and effective cleansing of your skin, can also easily remove your mascara (if your mascara is not waterproof). Furthermore, the IVY AïA Cleansing Mousse is great to use as a shaving foam, as the foam is easy to apply, and gives you a tight and soft shave.

  • IVY AïA Face Mist is a product we are very excited about at the office. It is recommended to be used as step 2 in your cleansing routine. After you cleansed your skin, it will moisturize and prepare the skin for subsequent moisturize. It will also optimize the effect of the products applied afterwards.
    In addition, IVY AïA Face Mist is great for spraying on top of your makeup. It will have a setting-spray function, as it adds moisture to the skin and at the same time makes the makeup blend perfectly on the surface. Furthermore, it works well as a moisture-spray during the day. If you are in an air-conditioned climate or working in front of a computer screen, your skin may tend to be drier on the surface – here’s where the Face Mist comes to your rescue. All of us in the office have it on the desktop by the computer!

  • If you are on holiday and need a moisture boost, the travel size is perfect to carry in your bag. It can also help the most tired and swollen legs in the warm weather.

  • If you have dry skin on your body, or if your knees, shins and elbows need an extra care, you can blend IVY AïA Glowing Body Oil into your body lotion to achieve more nutritious texture.

  • If you experience dry skin on your face, you may want to apply a thicker layer of IVY AïA Face Cream Provitamin B5 before bedtime, giving you an intense moisturizing night mask.

  • IVY AïA Tan Drops can be mixed in your night cream, in your day cream or in your body lotion. This way you can customize the color according to how intense the color you want. You can gradually build up the color – the more days in a row you use it, the more glow you will experience.

  • Pssst. If you store your IVY AïA Eye Cream in the fridge, the cooling sensation of applying will feel amazingly refreshing, especially if you have gotten too little sleep or wake up with puffy eyes.

How to deal with oily skin

How to deal with oily skin

Even though radiant and glowing skin is on trend right now, battling an oily face can be really annoying. Your makeup might not last as long as it should because of all the excess oil, known as sebum. Sebum production is influenced by our hormones, by our diet and by using the wrong products on our skin. So, other than looking at our lifestyle, a solution to control oily skin is to implement a good skincare routine.

Recommended routine for oily skin
Morning routine
Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, we recommend IVY AïA Cleansing Mousse. It is important not to be too harsh on your skin, as you can experience your skin will overcompensate and just create more sebum. Therefore, make sure to keep your natural oils and moisture.
After cleansing, use IVY AïA Micellar water with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Use IVY AïA Face Mist and remember to moisturize preferably with IVY AïA Oil-free gel.

Evening routine
End your day by doing a double cleanse to get rid of any makeup as well as any dirt, bacteria and pollution. For the first cleanse, we recommend you the IVY AïA Cleansing Oil. Oil on oily skin – what? Yes, you can advantageously apply the IVY AïA Cleansing Oil in the evening, as the oil in the product mixes with the excess sebum on the epidermis. Your skin will feel soft and cleansed. As the second cleanse we recommended to use IVY AïA Cleansing Mousse or IVY AïA Micellar water.
After cleansing, use IVY AïA Micellar water with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Use IVY AïA Face Mist and remember to moisturize preferably with IVY AïA Oil-free gel.

Great tip:
If you wear makeup and tend to oily skin, it is especially important that you make sure your makeup brushes are clean. The key words are to avoid bacteria and excess sebum in your brush, that it will built up, and might cause inflammations and aggravate the situation.

How to deal with dry skin

How to deal with dry skin

Dry skin can be sensitive, dull and feels “tight”. That’s not really a comfortable situation. Often you will have itchy and flaky skin, and you are then likely to experience that your makeup will build up and look lumpy. That’s not fun.

Skin is just like our wardrobes
If something that used to work just suddenly feels weird, a reevaluation is in order. Take your time to inspect your skincare routine closely. Your skin might be dry because it lacks moisture, and the lack of moisture results in skin loosing its elasticity and glow.

What you should do?
If you have dry skin, we recommend that you do not use cleansing products that are too harsh and dry to the skin. Typically, a dry skin type would prefer to use an oil-based cleanser to avoid rinsing with water, but if you are one of those who would like to rinse with water, it is recommended to be aware that the temperature of the water will not be too high. Hot water can be a bit drying for your skin.

We recommend all IVY AïA cleansing products if you have a dry skin type, as all products are very mild.
However, most people with a dry skin are fond of our Cleansing Oil as it needs to be massaged in circular movements on dry skin. Face yoga is never a bad idea anyway. It effectively dissolves makeup and dirt, and you remove it with a damp cotton pad, a washcloth or rinse off with water. Cleansing oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin and it contains almond oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.
Finish the routine by applying IVY AïA Face Mist and moisturize with IVY AïA Moisture face Cream and IVY AïA Eye Cream.